Indian Wedding


For over five decades, we have been catering to the delight of numerous customers, serving delicacies that made the occasion stand out. With a deep understanding of traditions and customer expectations, we proudly present the complete destination for not only wedding celebrations, but a myriad of family and corporate events. No matter type or scale of the event, we help make it not only memorable, but unforgettable.

Wedding Couple by the Swimming Pool

Traditional values meet modern facilities, grandeur meets elegance, legacy meets innovation, at one landmark venue.

Your experience as the host matters, and so we focus on making the event smooth and hassle-free. When arrangements are seamless and every detail is taken care of, you can participate in the event to the fullest, and enjoy it as much as your guests do.

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Create your own unique event.

We help you select every element that best fits the occasion, to bring your vision to life.

Full of splendour, and perfectly professional.

We have the legacy for not just following, but setting the best of standards for quality services.

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Meeting room, postits

Premium, yet cost-effective.

We share your concerns and know your values. Thus, we facilitate the best possible solution for you.